I Asked A Psychic to Predict My Half Marathon Outcome

The lines don't lie! My hand clearly shows a successful half marathon in my future.
The lines don’t lie! My hand clearly shows a successful half marathon in my future.

A certified trainer who makes his clients squat until it burns, Jerry Hoskey is pretty down to earth—for a psychic. “I’m just a regular guy with a passion for helping people,” he says. “It’s in my blood to serve others and to guide them to be better versions of themselves. I can give readings to my clients if that’s what they want, or we can just hit the gym floor and torch the calories.”

If Jerry doesn’t sound anything like those kooky Caribbean women on late-night infomercials to you, you’re getting the picture. A blond-haired, blue-eyed all-American guy, Jerry discovered his ability to predict future events with ridiculous accuracy when he was in college. But before he could use his talent, Jerry had to get over himself. “I had to get past the idea that I didn’t look or act like the typical palm or tarot card reader,” he says. “I prayed to God and said, ‘Let me be of service, show me what to do, and allow me to be as compassionate and truthful as possible.’”

Today, celebrities and news media seek him out for predictions and advice, but Jerry still enjoys his one-on-one work as a health and fitness pro. I was so intrigued by his job title when I came across him on a social media site that I reached out to ask how it works. “It’s hard for me to explain it—I just really connect with people,” says Jerry. “I can see the good in them, and I can see what life has in store.”

It’s not always good news. “Sometimes I see negative obstacles or bad events coming up, and I ask God to help me figure out how to tell the person,” Jerry says. “It’s not necessarily a burden. Bad news can also bring about positive changes.”

Curiosity got the better of me when we spoke on the phone about his unique gift. Good or bad, I wanted to know about my upcoming race, The Jungle Run Half-Marathon in Los Gatos. Jerry took a few deep breaths before giving me his thoughts. “I could be wrong,” he said. “But you’re going to have a good race. Still, you should be careful with your ankles—all of your joints really, but your ankles in particular. Maybe you should protect them that day—compression socks could be good, and you should be taking omega-3-6-9 supplements. Are you eating enough protein? It seems like you’re not.”

Future telling aside, Jerry’s fitness background and training make him an excellent mind-body-spirit coach. I’m following his sound advice, stocking up on supplements, and noshing on more protein until July 14. Our chat has turned me inward too, toward my spirit. It has reminded me to worry less and lean on God more. Who doesn’t need that kind of psychic encouragement now and then?

Have you ever wished you could know your race results ahead of time? Would you workout with a psychic fitness trainer?

New Shoes, New Races, New PRs!

Sweaty shopping: My bank account took a hit during this spree—proof even healthy addictions can be expensive! But happiness returns make new running shoes a worthwhile investment.
Sweaty shopping: My bank account took a hit during this spree—proof even healthy addictions can be expensive!

You know that flat feeling your legs get when you’re running in dead sneakers? I had that feeling on Monday, so at the end of a 3-mile lollipop route instead of heading home, I hung a left and ran directly into Running Revolution. (This small shop just off the main drag of Downtown Campbell is definitely worth a stop if you’re in the market for new shoes.)

In seconds, I went from “flat” to “fantastic.” After trying several brands and styles, I walked out with a brand new pair of Brooks Glycerin 10. I practically hugged the box all the way home! (Running with a shoe box is awkward, so I was forced to walk.)

Happiness (and PR!) returns make these new Brooks Glycerin 10 Women's Running Shoes a worthwhile investment.
Happiness (and PR!) returns make these new Brooks Glycerin 10 Women’s Running Shoes a worthwhile investment.

I was on such a shopping high that I went on a registration binge, too. I have now signed up for three upcoming races, and I couldn’t be more psyched for each of them. They’re all first-time courses for me, which means PRs are guaranteed. (Score!)

I’m saving the dates for:

Pretty Muddy 5K in Sacramento, Saturday Jun 29, 2013 This will be my first obstacle-laden mud run, and I’m really excited to participate. I’ve been going to boot camp fitness classes lately, so the competitive part of my brain is throbbing with the possibility of completely killing this course. (Hey, Rope Ladder, my arms will be ready for you!)

Sharks Fitness Faceoff 10K in San Jose, Sunday June 30, 2013 The Sharks are huge in San Jose—sunny Californian’s are some of the toughest hockey fans, believe it or not. And I’m expecting a big turnout for this charity event. I’ll be tackling the 10K (there’s a 5K and a health walk, too) and plan to attack it like, well, like a Shark—fast and ferocious!

The Jungle Run Half-Marathon in Los Gatos, Sunday July 14, 2013 To be honest, I’m a little anxious about signing up for my first half-marathon in the great state of California. My last attempt at a 13.1-miler back in October resulted in a DNF, but my butt is feeling better and I think putting this race on the calendar will be good for my head—I’m a goal setter, after all. (And, again, it’s a guaranteed PR!)

Which of these races are on your calendar? Are you looking forward to an upcoming PR, too?