If Running Were My Bread & Butter, Last Month I Would Have Starved

Running may have to be added to my “enjoyed in moderation” list—right under refined carbs and saturated fats.

I missed several days of running last month, making a huge mess of my beautifully laid out NYC marathon training plan. 45 percent of the blame lies in a seriously tough work schedule the first two weeks of September (those of you who have anything to do with NY Fashion Week can offer a knowing nod here) and the other 65 percent goes to an angry left hip. (Noticing my math skills? I’m sure I’m not the only person who gives 110% when training for a marathon…)

I had some incredibly positive long runs heading into September. My pacing was great, my body felt sound, and mentally I was flying high. Then a nagging little popping sensation showed up in my left hip and put a wrench in the whole thing. I had hoped the crazy work schedule—which prevented me from hitting my (almost) daily runs and forced me to skip a long run altogether, would give my hip a much needed break. But now that I’m attempting to build back up and finish out my long runs before the taper, I’m realizing a slow September didn’t offer much relief. My hip still hurts.

I’ve officially gone OTP (off the plan), and I don’t know if this new run-until-it hurts-then-stop  routine will get me to the start line on Staten Island on 4 November. At this point, I think I have two options:

  1. Forget my time goal and just run the marathon slow—walking if necessary to be kind to my hip. (And set my sights on next season.)
  2. Cancel my marathon plans altogether, so I don’t risk any more damage—physical or mental, because not finishing would be really depressing. (And set my sights on next season.)

What would you do if you were in my sneakers?

Is Anyone Else Feeling Hot And Bothered?

There’s a chunk missing because I accidentally dropped my Gold Bond Friction Defense on the floor, but I still love this slippery stuff!

Humidity is not my friend. It zaps my energy and turns me into a sweaty mess. Case in point: Saturday morning’s 16-mile long run that ended up being an 8.32-mile mental whine fest. My entire body was wet, my sports bra was chaffing, and it felt like I was trying to breathe through a hot, damp t-shirt.

I have to take some of the blame for the irritated skin. Lately, I’ve been applying Gold Bond Friction Defense before getting dressed, but I was still half asleep that morning and it totally slipped my mind. Have you tried this anti-chaffing rock star? I slick it on around my waist, ribcage, and over my shoulders to prevent waistbands and bra straps from rubbing me the wrong way. It’s not sticky, and doesn’t leave oily marks on my clothes—the way some petrolatum-based skin lubes can.

So yeah, that humid run left a red mark in the middle of my chest and put me in a funk. I get really down on myself when I give in to feeling uncomfortable and cut a long run short. I start thinking that I’m not tough enough, that I’m not really cut out for running, and that I should just give up my marathon goal this year.

A cold shower, an icy glass of Coke, and a couple of hours sitting next to an air conditioner later, I was looking up different routes to try out on Sunday’s run. What a difference the temperature makes!

What do you do when humidity makes running outside miserable? How do you cool off?