My Legs Are In A Funk

The Boston Marathon was over a month ago, but my legs still haven’t completely bounced back. They feel heavy and achy after an easy run, and I’m just not getting quality miles out of them. Maybe I didn’t give them enough rest post 26.2, or maybe it’s all in my head, but I’m feeling a little burnt out.

In her book Run Your First Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Reach the Finish Line, the late pro-marathoner Grete Waitz wrote, “Recovery from a marathon is both physical and mental.” She went on to say, “If burnout [strikes], take an easy week or two to recover your energy and enthusiasm.” And, “Run some different courses, with different scenery and new people, or, if you feel you can, mix up the times of day when you run. Sometimes even a simple change in a routine can be refreshing.”

I’m taking Grete’s advice—switching it up between pavement and dirt paths, hitting the streets after work instead of in the morning, running with friends, and waiting for the blahs to pass. Until then, I’ll try to gain a little perspective. I run for fun, not for a paycheck. I run for that happy feeling that comes with tackling a tough course. I don’t need to PR every workout; I just need to keep moving. And, even more important, I need to keep smiling.

Are you smiling today? How are your legs feeling? 

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