Should I Say “I Do” To Running In Jewelry?

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I don't think they've ever met my Garmin...
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I don’t think they’ve ever met my Garmin…

Michael K. Farrell recently asked me with a sparkling question and I couldn’t say no. (He put a ring on it, people!) Now I’ve got this gorgeous thing on my left hand, and I can’t decide if I should be wearing it when I’m working up a sweat.

It’s not unusual to see pro runners sporting bling on the track. Take a look at this photo of Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards Ross that I snagged from Vanity Fair—swap the chic sports bra and shorts for a little black dress and she’s ready for a night on the town! Even BFF marathoners Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan have been seen racing in their wedding bands, earrings, and more.

This woman is all about the gold... and the silver, and the diamonds...
Sanya Richards Ross is all about the gold… and the silver, and the diamonds… (Photo Credit: Hussein Malla/A.P. Photo)

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry to begin with, so running in a special bracelet or lucky necklace has never occurred to me. My biggest concerns with keeping my engagement ring on is that it might slip off (impossible now that I’ve had it resized to perfectly fit my skinny digit) or that my sweat will ruin the gem.

“That’s not something you should worry about,” says Alfonso de Tagle, fifteen-time marathoner and owner of De Tagle Jewelers in San Jose, CA. (Of course I happened to find a jeweler who runs!) “Running in your ring is perfectly fine, but lifting weights isn’t. The band will rub against the bar and wear down the precious metal.” Good to know. But I’m still on the fence.

Do you wear your posh pieces when you run?

Eating On The Run: 3 Snacks That Can Help You Reach The Finish Line

In her new book Running For Women, Kara Goucher talks a lot about, well, running. (Who better to do that than a pro-runner gunning to win the Boston Marathon?) She also covers nutrition. My favorite message from her chapter on food: “Eat when you’re hungry; stop when you’re full.” That’s always been my mantra when dining, but what about when you’re on the run?

If you’re just heading out for an easy one, you don’t need to worry about eating or drinking anything fancy—Kara reports plain old water is perfect. But for anything over an hour, it’s a good idea to replenish your carbohydrate levels during your pavement pounding session. You can do this with sports drinks, like Gatorade, or by sipping water and eating specially formulated gels, gummies, or chews. (I like to refer to this stuff as “run candy”—you can find a colorful assortment of it at almost any sneaker store.) They all work, but it’s important to find one that your stomach tolerates and that you can maneuver easily from your pocket to your mouth. It’s also smart to figure out which one works for you before race day (your tummy will thank you!). Here’s what I’ve been experimenting with:

1. Clif  Shot Roks Protein Bites I have a tough time chewing while I’m on the move—I can’t even walk and chew gum without biting the inside of my mouth. So when I bring these with me, I have to stop to snack. They’re actually designed to be a post-run recovery food, but I like eating a couple in the middle of my runs. (Maybe because I let myself take a break.) They’re delicious and really keep my energy up.

2. Nutrilite Endurance Cubes I discovered these during this season’s marathon training after reading about them on Kara’s blog (clearly, I like her writing). Kara uses them to supplement sports drinks when she does her longer runs. Because I have a chewing issue, I sort of let the cubes melt in my mouth. It’s fun to use them to count down the miles—I’ll pop one every 10 to 15 minutes and when the pack’s empty my run is done.

3. GU Energy Gel I’ve been downing this stuff since high school, so it’s almost like bringing a faithful friend along with me when I go out for long runs. I like GU for three reasons: it’s the right size for that little pocket inside your running shorts, it always gives me a boost when I’m starting to feel sluggish, and it comes in yummy flavors. (The chocolate mint tastes like an Andes candy!)

Countdown to the Boston Marathon: 12 days!

Do you snack on the run? What’s your favorite run candy?

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