Does Shaving Your Legs Really Help You Faster?

See what I mean? Without hair, it’s really going to be tough to tell our sexy stems apart.

The other night Michael K. Farrell made an announcement that no girlfriend wants to hear, ever. “I’m shaving my legs,” he stated with an air of finality. My response: “If you’re starting, then I’m stopping.” (One of us should get to take a break from the chore of hair removal!)

The idea of me turning into a hairy beast has held off the manscaping so far, but I’m not sure how long my little threat will work. Of course my main fear is that he’ll use my razor and gunk it up with his strawberry-blond fuzz. But my other concern is that his legs will look sexier than mine. He does, in fact, have very nice calves.

The idea that he NEEDS to shave at all is a bit suspect to me. Many triathletes will tell you that reaching for the razor shaves minutes off a race time. (Ha! Sorry, I can’t resist a pun.) In an attempt to verify that hypothesis, I contacted the National Center for Biotechnology Information. A very lovely press officer directed me to a 1989 study conducted on nine swimmers at the Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University, Muncie, IN. Scientists there concluded that removing body hair reduces active drag and decreases the physiological cost of swimming. In other words, bald swimmers glide more easily and therefore more quickly through the water.

Smooth Makers: Schick Quattro Razor and my new favorite foam eco-armour Shave With Benefits—it’s made with love. I don’t want to share these goodies with Michael K. Farrell!

Still not convinced, I continued to look for studies that prove whether or not shaving has any impact on speed when running or cycling. And I found… crickets. Clearly, someone needs to fund this much needed area of research.

Michael K. Farrell’s latest argument: “Smooth legs will make massages better.” He does have a point there. “It’s much easier for me to get deep into the muscles and fascia when I’m not worried about tugging a client’s leg hair,” says NYC-based massage therapist Danielle DeMaio. But she also admits that she wouldn’t want her boyfriend to be hairless either.

What do you think? Does shaving your legs make you faster? Would you let your man borrow your razor?