This Bridge Makes Me Feel Groovy

I had to drop my foster dog off at the vet to get neutered this morning. And since the clinic is conveniently located near the 59th Street Bridge, a.k.a. the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, I decided to run over it a couple of times before heading home. (Sans pooch, since he was getting snipped.)

In NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge gets all the glory for being attractive and runner-friendly, while the humble 59th Street Bridge stoically performs its transport duties without fanfare. No fair! Here’s why this structure earns the title of MVB (most valuable bridge) in my book:

  • It’s long From on ramp to off ramp, the 59th Street Bridge clocks in at around 1.2 miles. At that distance, there’s plenty of length to meander up the slow incline and then enjoy the decline, which helps you mentally prepare to turn around a go over it again.
  • Traffic is light The running and biking lanes are completely separate from the lanes for cars and trucks, making it safe and spacious. But surprisingly, there’s hardly anyone on it. This morning I counted 7 cyclists and 4 pedestrians—not including myself, and the last time I crossed on a Saturday there were only a dozen or so more people.
  • The views are cool The bridge itself is fun to look at while you’re on it and crossing it gives you a neat look at Manhattan. Heading back across the river from Queens you get to check out all the buildings on the Upper East Side—a skyline that doesn’t often show up in movies.
  • It comes with a soundtrack You can’t have a bad run on a bridge that inspires lyrics like “Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last.” Simon and Garfunkel may not have pounded out the miles on this path, but they were on to something!

After going over and back twice, I stopped at Starbuck’s for a recovery grande mocha and went home to wait for the vet to call. In case you’re curious, the pupcake made it through surgery just fine, but he has to wear a cone collar for the next two weeks to prevent him from licking himself. That plastic lampshade was just too depressing to bear, so I got him an inflatable neck cozy that serves the same purpose. All aboard the puppy love boat!

Have you ever run across the 59th Street Bridge? Where is your favorite bridge?