Skip Sleep-Ins and Snooze Buttons For Better Quality Sleep [Fitbit]

What’s the number one reason to wake up at the same time every day? Better health! Experts agree sleep is an important factor in your overall health and wellbeing, and research shows waking up has a big impact on the quality of your sleep.

A regular bedtime is key, but a regular wake up time is even more important.

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5 Reasons You Might Be a Restless Sleeper [Fitbit]

When you look at your personal data in your Fitbit app, you might be surprised to see several periods of restless sleep during the night. Chances are, you don’t have to worry about them—it’s common to move around a bit. “Sleep is not completely still,” says Michael Grandner, PhD, MTR, a Fitbit sleep advisor and director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. “It’s perfectly normal to have periods of restlessness—10 or even up to 30 could be normal for you,” he says. (Here’s when restlessness might be more concerning.)

Still, when restlessness leads to full on wakefulness, it’s time to get to the bottom of what’s preventing you from sleeping like a log. These five factors might be turning you into a restless sleeper.

Here’s why you might be a restless sleeper.

Sleep Is a Game Changer! Are You Getting Enough? [Fitbit]

Your head just hit the pillow, you’ve finally calmed the voices in your head, and drifted off into dreamland. Ah, it’s bliss… Except for that incessant racket. What is that? An annoying bird? A truck backing up? Nope, it’s the alarm clock. And there’s no room in your morning for the snooze button.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re in tired company. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 45 percent of Americans sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night feel tired or poorly rested up to three times a week. 54 percent of people who clock six or fewer hours say they wake up feeling tired 4 or more days per week. Clearly, the Zzzzombie apocalypse is here!

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