Study Shows Exercise Adds Years To Your Life [Fitbit]

You may no longer be a spry 30-, 40-, or even 50-something, but that’s no excuse to slack off in the exercise department. New research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds older men who do just 30 minutes of physical activity, regardless of intensity, six days a week have a 40 percent lower risk of mortality.

The research is based on the Oslo Study, which invited 15,000 men in their 40’s and 50’s to health “check ins” in 1972 and 2000, and then monitored the participants for an additional 12 years. Height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoker status were noted for each of the individuals, and the men were asked to fill out surveys on their weekly physical activities.

During the 70-year period, a number of participants passed away; however, conclusions drawn from the data show the more time the men spent exercising, the lower their risk of death. The researchers noted just 30 minutes of moderate activity six days a week decreases the odds of death from heart disease or any other cause, and more exercise reaped even greater benefits. On average, the active men studied lived five years longer than the sedentary men.

Although the study only tracked men in their 80s, gents aren’t the only ones who can benefit from getting more exercise. Researchers believe they would find similar results for older women as well.

Ready to make your golden years more enjoyable? Set a goal to add just 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily routine—walking, biking, swimming, and other low-impact activities all count!

Originally published by Fitbit.


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