Should I Say “I Do” To Running In Jewelry?

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I don't think they've ever met my Garmin...
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I don’t think they’ve ever met my Garmin…

Michael K. Farrell recently asked me with a sparkling question and I couldn’t say no. (He put a ring on it, people!) Now I’ve got this gorgeous thing on my left hand, and I can’t decide if I should be wearing it when I’m working up a sweat.

It’s not unusual to see pro runners sporting bling on the track. Take a look at this photo of Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards Ross that I snagged from Vanity Fair—swap the chic sports bra and shorts for a little black dress and she’s ready for a night on the town! Even BFF marathoners Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan have been seen racing in their wedding bands, earrings, and more.

This woman is all about the gold... and the silver, and the diamonds...
Sanya Richards Ross is all about the gold… and the silver, and the diamonds… (Photo Credit: Hussein Malla/A.P. Photo)

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry to begin with, so running in a special bracelet or lucky necklace has never occurred to me. My biggest concerns with keeping my engagement ring on is that it might slip off (impossible now that I’ve had it resized to perfectly fit my skinny digit) or that my sweat will ruin the gem.

“That’s not something you should worry about,” says Alfonso de Tagle, fifteen-time marathoner and owner of De Tagle Jewelers in San Jose, CA. (Of course I happened to find a jeweler who runs!) “Running in your ring is perfectly fine, but lifting weights isn’t. The band will rub against the bar and wear down the precious metal.” Good to know. But I’m still on the fence.

Do you wear your posh pieces when you run?

4 thoughts on “Should I Say “I Do” To Running In Jewelry?

  1. Agreed! Anything cardio and I’ll keep my ring on. If I’m lifting I will take it off – it definitely rubs up against the weights and can be annoying. But for my runs – absolutely, it stays :) Congrats on the engagement!

  2. since you got it during summer, might find it looser during winter. i lost a nice ring once. ring fit fine during summer. threw a football during the winter and it came right off my hand. lost in the grass. never to be found. maybe one day my father-in-law will visit and bring his metal detector and i’ll find it.

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