Gear Alert: My New Timex GPS Watch is a Confidence Buster

The Timex GPS Watch certainly doesn’t make my skinny arm look fat. (And in its defense, it did get this training run right.)

That’s right, I said buster. I’m so disappointed with this thing I could throw it on the ground and shout, “I’m an adult!”

I was pumped when I bought the Timex GPS Watch. Finally, an affordable GPS option for runners who want to know distance and pace without all the unnecessary bells and whistles that some of those other devices offer. I practically squealed when the box arrived at my apartment. (I ordered it from REI—love their website!) And I read the entire user’s manual. But since our first meeting, this timepiece and I have had a miserable relationship.

I stand in front of my building before every run for a full minute or more, waiting for the darn thing to lock onto a GPS signal. It chirps when it finds one and I take off, only to have it beep at me 15 to 20 minutes later to let me know that it lost the signal. I can’t begin to explain how upsetting it is to look down and see a 13:20 per mile pace when I know I’m not really running that slow.  And this fancy arm candy took a nap during the run leg of the Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon—it clocked me finishing the 13.1 miles in 1:58:30, while the official time was 1:59:30. (I’m sure there are other reasons for that minute difference, but I’m annoyed so I’m blaming the watch.)

I never minded running off the grid before I had this bulky thing (there’s no denying it wasn’t designed for my small wrists), but for some reason now that I own a GPS watch I actually want to know how far I’m running while I’m running.

I really, really want this watch to work—darn it! But it doesn’t. Sadly, I think it’s time to hit up the returns counter at REI Soho and say farewell to the Timex GPS Watch.

Do you have a GPS watch? I’d love to try something else—got any recommendations?

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