Best Foot Forward

With the glowing bride on her big night.

The big day my feet were training for has come and gone. I wore 5-inch heels for five full hours of standing and dancing this past Saturday, because… Emily got married!!!

Subjecting the balls of my feet, calves, and all the muscles and tendons in between, was the least I could do for a friend who has always supported me. I mean, the woman made a t-shirt for me when I ran the Boston Marathon this year. Love her!

I’m typically a flat-footwear kind of girl, so working up to wearing such a tall shoe was challenging. I practiced walking in my apartment for weeks before feeling confident that I could pull them off on a dance floor. After loading up my stilettos with two sets of Foot Petals, one at the back of the heel, and another in the toe box, I was ready to boogie the night away. (The 15-piece White Heat Swing Orchestra made that part easy.)

I’m leaving High Heel-A-Thons to Kelly Rippa from now on.

The next morning my feet were fine. In fact, those shoes were so comfortable that I decided to take them out for a run. No joke—I didn’t get very far, but I did attempt it. Since stilettos pitch you forward, you have to pull your chest and shoulders back a bit in order to prevent falling (and landing on your face) when you stride. On top of that, the height of the heel makes planting your forefoot tough, so you have to remind yourself to aim for a mid-foot strike. It’s not easy.

How did you challenge yourself over the weekend? 

3 thoughts on “Best Foot Forward

  1. Love the heels and the grey dress! I challenged myself with a run and a trip to a vineyard in the same day. My pace is picking up, just in time for hibernation….

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