Running Is Love, Pass It On

Yesterday’s events left me feeling a little empty. I’m proud to be an American, and I’m proud of our Armed Services. (I grew up on Army bases, and I get misty eyed when the national anthem plays at the start of races.) But I still can’t help feeling sad for those who are fighting, for those who are put in the position to kill or be killed, and for those who believe there is no alternative to hate. It can’t feel good for them.

When these emotions become overwhelming the only things that help me are hugs and runs. Running clears the mind, connects you with your world, and helps you get in touch with a higher purpose—at least that’s what it does for me. Call it praying, meditating, whatever, but when I run I‘m able to give up all of my anxieties and tap into a positive energy that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, love.

Love is amazing. Pass it on with a hug or, better yet, go for a run with someone you love today.

How does running make you feel? Can you feel the love when you’re pounding the pavement too?

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