Are Runners Bland?

I had Indian food for dinner with one of my favorite running buddies yesterday. As we debated which dishes to get, I noticed that we were both gravitating towards the milder options. Neither of us wanted a super spicy meal to mess with our tummies and make the next day’s run unpleasant. It made me think about the foods I eat all the time: Oatmeal, bananas, turkey sandwiches. Pretty boring stuff.

Last night’s feast was the most exciting meal I’ve eaten in a while. But no proper curry fan alive will tell you chicken tikka masala is adventurous.

I find it funny that I’m willing to take on a marathon, sign up for trail races, and do two workouts a day without apprehension, but the thought of eating something that might upset my stomach brings me to my knees. More evidence that the hardcore persona I want to project to the world doesn’t match up with my insides.

What did you have for dinner last night? Do you sacrifice spices to keep your workouts on track too?

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