I Feel So Empty Inside

This week has been an easy one for me when it comes to running. The mileage is low and I’m not stressing out about hitting times, I’m just making sure my legs feel good. But even though I’m not burning as many calories as I usually do, I’m craving them like a maniac.

Seriously, I’ve been hungrier than ever this week. It’s like my stomach just won’t feel full. And I’m definitely giving in to the urges. Yesterday at my desk I snacked on a banana, peanut butter cookies, butter toffee almonds, string cheese, and applesauce—and that was on top of lunch (ham, cheese, sprouts, and cucumbers on a whole wheat roll), second breakfast (grapes and a croissant), and breakfast (oatmeal with frozen peaches). I had dinner with a friend last night and I was so hungry by the time I got there, I thought I was going to gnaw my arm off.

Scientists have found that exercise increases the production of a protein that curbs appetite, so it makes sense that my body would be craving more food now that I’m not running as much. But it’s gotten so bad I’m afraid to open the work fridge for fear that I might eat someone else’s leftovers. (Whoever brought in the humus and grilled chicken, consider yourself warned.)

Countdown to the Boston Marathon: 5 days!

Is anyone else hungry right now? Do you feel the urge to eat more when you’re exercising less, too?

Originally posted in Running With It on Shape.com.

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