I Always Go Commando

When it comes to underwear, I’m very particular. Sports bras have to fit me just right—they need to hug my chest tightly, without being too constrictive. The best one I’ve found: Adidas Supernova Glide Bra. It’s supportive and prevents jiggle, yet it never chafes. I also love that I can snap my miCoach heart rate monitor right into the front.

But I wouldn’t dream of stepping into a pair of underwear for a run. (Especially not the set in this photo. Though, they’d be perfect for other, ahem, athletic endeavors.) I think they’re pointless—isn’t that why running shorts are lined? Still, I’ve seen a number of “sports panties” for sale lately. (I told you I’ve been online shopping…) To be an authority on the subject, I think I need to swipe my debit card and try out a pair this weekend.

Countdown to the Boston Marathon: 11 days!

Do wear underwear when you run?

Originally posted in Running With It on Shape.com.

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