Tapering: For Running And Fashion, It’s Best Not To Over Think It

The taper portion of marathon training is a lot like a pair of pants that get skinny at the ankles—you think it’s going to be great, but then you wonder if it’s making your butt look big. Tapering requires you to drop the intensity of your workouts down to about 60% of the load you’ve built up to over the course of training. It can make you feel a little lazy.

This week, miCoach has me scaling back both my mileage and my speed, and next week I’ll barely be breaking a sweat—nothing on my schedule is longer than 40 minutes. After weeks of two to three hour runs, seeing a 25-minute session on my calendar seems ridiculous. I’ll practically be stopping before I get started—what’s the point of tying my shoes? Still, all those easy runs will be great for my body. My muscles will have plenty of recovery time and I’ll restock my fuel stores, which will help my legs feel fresh for the ultimate workout on April 18.

Shorter runs also mean I have more time on my hands for sleeping, eating, worrying about whether or not I trained enough, and online shopping. My legs are going to do well, but I’m not sure if my brain and my bank account will make it through the next two weeks without feeling drained.

Countdown to the Boston Marathon: 13 days!

Do you feel lazy when you dial back your workouts? More importantly, should I buy these pants?

Originally posted in Running With It on Shape.com.

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